Get access to dozens of Products for Saccos, Production Invetory, Credit Only MicroFinance, Hotel Management and Project Management.
Mpesa/Bank Integrations for bulk disbursements and collection
Available for both on premise and cloud installation
Integration to CRB and other credit scoring Utilities
Ability to track all loan cycles with lightning speed reports generation
dentify performing and non-performing loan officers through our projections vs collection reports for all officer and both customer and loan level
Document Management
Loan Files and document management, sharing and storage
HR System
Human resources management system and HR tools
Integration to CRB and other credit scoring Utilities
Savings and Shares management
Allow creation of different savings products
Customer accounts analysis and calculation of Bonuses, dividends and any form of interest on customer savings/current accounts
Standing Orders
Running standing orders that auto posts amounts to various payroll liability accounts.
Loans Offset
Allowing one to directly offset loans from savings/shares account
Dashboards and Reporting
Customized dashboard that is different for each user level for quick decision making.
Accounting and General Ledger
Full accounts chart for sacco and microfinance type of business that can be customized
Human Resources
Create and manage employee bio data, basic pay, allowance and deductions
Security Features
Each user has their own user name and password for logging in to the main system and the branch they are authorized
Accounts Module
General trial balance, balance sheet and profit and loss reports
Production Module
The system is formed in the typical model that has a main store (could be multiple) and a temporary holding area
Stock Management
The barman makes item requisition from the store if he runs out of stock at the counter, store man approves the requisition and issues the items,
Sales and Services Module
A waiter punches an order (on the Touch screen, counter workstation or mobile POS terminal) and gets 3 order receipts (NB: known customers can also make orders on Mwaiter Mobile),
Email Notifications
Email marketing, trigger emails, email templates
EzzyBooks provides each user a profile that is defined by user rights, user rights are Menu based and each user has access only to the functions that have been allocted to them by the administrator.
Kitchen production
Kitchen production to track costing of every item produced in the Kitchen using a bill of materials (BOM)
Online payments
Accept online payments (Mpesa, more)
Task Management
Create and categorize tasks from scratch or from templates
Task categories
Group related tasks together to enable tracking of project milestones
Facility Management
Track non customer/internal projects effectively with tasks/ task framework
DashBoards and Reporting
Personalize dashboards for different users with their tasks with drag drop view to allow users to easily group their tasks based on stages
Available for both on premise and cloud installation
Security Features
All transactions/tasks have an audit date that can be used to track backdated transactions
Packaging Module
This module enables production/milling companies create production formulas/Ratios for the various feeds that are being produced
Inventory Management:
This module enables the buying and selling of inventory items complete with stock movement reports.
Financial & Accounting Module:
This module references data points of all other modules to produce comprehensive financial and tax reports
Invoice creation and delivery notes and customer orders tracking
Payments Terms
Payment terms and customer receipts tracking
Agying Analysis
Balance reports and agying analysis for customers and suppliers
Supplier orders
Supplier orders, GRN and supplier payment tracking
All transactions have an audit date that can be used to track backdated transactions
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